Ramesh was the first visitor I had from the United States. I really have to thank him for bringing me lots of things and taking the time to visit. The next series of pictures are from our travels through Romania.


Standing in the market outside Bran castle



Looking out from one of the corridors


Down the staircase


An imposing bed inside Bran


Another view into the courtyard


A painting inside Bran castle


An example of a village house outside the castle


Jason and Ramesh looking up at Bran Castle


A church in Bucharest


The Palace of Parliement in Bucharest, the world's second largest building.


Looking outside the window from the Parc Best Western Hotel. An expensive hotel that was somewhat a bad choice due to its distance from the center. Bucharest, Romania


A view from the clock tower in Sighisoara


An old church


The uniform rooves of the old town in Sighisoara


Another view of the old town


Looking out from the clock tower


My brother, the one and only


The clock tower in the old town


A view of the old town from the train station


A beautiful staircase descending from the clock tower