Andrea, Matei, Anca and I going for a walk . . .


A meadow . . .


Some quaint cabins surrounded by beautiful green hills


More pretty scenery


The road to the waterfall in Lepsa


Cows roam the countryside


Wonderful scenery on the roads . . .


The Monastery in Lepsa


Inside the Monastery


Looking out through the bell tower from the Monastery


Walking up the steps to the Monastery


In front of the Monastery


The path down the Monastery and into the valley


The waterfall . . .


Standing above the waterfall. Adrian (Anca's godfather), Anca and Matei.


Anca the great.


In front of a spring water dispenser.


The river Putna that flows through Lepsa.


A dragonfly.


Another view of the river Putna


Matei and the mountain.


The reservation in Lepsa. 2 Lei to enter, but if you get eaten by a bear you get your money back. Matei, Tibi and myself.



A wonderful stop at the river


Matei and I listening to tunes


The photographer at work


The end of the road leads to a clear stream where you can bathe.


Tibi, Matei and I relaxing on a rock in the middle of the stream


Rodica, Anca and Adrian.


A walk along a one of the many paths with flowers, mountains and clouds.


The vapor on the mountains above the cabins


A barbicue in front of the cabin where we stayed. From left to right: Tibi, Adrian, Rodica, Anca, Mugurel,