The wonderful city of Tulcea, where Jamie is posted. Eric, Ellie, Jamie went on a safari on the Danube Delta and disembarked from here. Lots of stories on this dock, including the shady tourist operator who successfully solicited us to hire our own boat. "Please don't forget to write," were his last words.


A view over Tulcea and the beautiful Danube river. We slept at Jamie's posh apartment and then headed out for the safari the next day. Tulcea is considerably larger than Focsani.


The safari crew, here assembled at a monument on a hill overlooking Tulcea. Jamie, Ellie, Eric.


I got lots of shots like these with the trees leaning over the river and reflected in the water. The naturally bent trees, the calmness of the water, the crisp air, was all very relaxing.


We woke up early to see the sunrise on the Danube.


Another view of one of the many channels in the Danube


A fork in the river, lots of small channels like these create a maze through the water